Leadership Development

The Parish Growth Framework

Building Block: Leadership Development

Strategic Goal: Develop an integrated approach to growing ordinand and clergy leadership capability.

Timeline of progress

  • In 2020, an Anglican Church Southern Queensland (ACSQ) Leadership Framework was developed and endorsed.
  • The Finance and Diocesan Services Commission (FDSC), in partnership with the PMC and other ACSQ Commissions, is designing and implementing a number of leadership capability programs based on the Framework. These include:
    • a series of capability and leadership development lunchbox sessions held during 2021.
    • a leadership group discussion program designed to evaluate current leadership capability against the Framework through focus group sessions held during April to October 2021.
    • continuation of the QUTex Leadership program with a new cohort of clergy/laity selected in the second half of 2021. This program provides tools to assist clergy and lay people to be more self-aware and impactful community leaders that are authentic, brave, vulnerable,
      accountable, innovative and relevant. 
    • re-development of the St Francis College Graduate Clergy Program.

Anglican Church Southern Queensland Leadership Framework

The Parish Growth Framework