The Parishes and Other Mission Agencies Commission (PMC) is one of five Commissions within the Anglican Church Southern Queensland. The PMC works in consultation with the Regional Bishops to increase the effectiveness of parishes and chaplaincies through research, strategic planning and associated policy development, resourcing and communication.

Strategic Plan

The PMC Strategic Plan (also referred to as ‘The Parish Growth Framework’) is conceptualised as three key pillars — Leadership, Strategy and Resources — with key building blocks underneath each pillar (as pictured below).

The PMC Strategic Plan is a vision for the longer term. The Plan will take time to implement, with the fruits expected to be seen gradually. Realisation of the Plan will take broad collaboration, imagination, creativity, and commitment.

Information about each building block can be found by clicking on the relevant building block. The information will be updated as work on each building block progresses.



The PMC meets formally as a Commission approximately five times per year and membership of the Commission includes:

  • the Archbishop
  • the Chairperson
  • the Regional Bishops
  • Archdeacons
  • six lay members (two from each region); and
  • the Executive Director of the PMC.
The operations of the PMC are carried out by a team of staff.

Commission members collaborating at a PMC Strategic Planning Day in February 2020