Children and Youth Leaders

Children and Youth Leaders

Thank you to all those who are serving God and their local church community in children’s and youth ministry roles.


Children and Youth Leaders play a vital role in ministering to younger members of the community in a range of contexts including Sunday school, youth groups, play groups, camps, and providing religious instruction (RI) in schools.


Parish operational information and resources, including policies, canons, handbooks, procedures and forms are located on the ARC (ACSQ intranet). Children and Youth Leaders can access the ARC through the ‘Parish Operations Team’ managed by their parish office. See more about accessing the ARC.


Children and Youth Leaders should be familiar with the following reference materials and information. Most of these documents are published on the ARC (see accessing the ARC). 

Resources + Support

Visit the Anglican Church Southern Queensland’s dedicated hub for Youth, Children and Families Ministry: