Leadership Capability

The Parish Growth Framework

Building Block: Leadership Capability

Strategic Goal: : Develop a plan to address gaps in clergy education and training.

Timeline of progress

  • In 2020, an Anglican Church Southern Queensland Leadership Framework (pictured below) was developed and endorsed.
  • The Finance and Diocesan Services Commission (FDSC), in partnership with the PMC and other ACSQ Commissions, is designing and implementing a number of leadership capability programs based on the Framework, including a series of capability and leadership development lunchbox sessions held during 2021 and 2022.
  • In June 2022, the PMC approved the ‘Clergy knowledge, skills and character matrix’ as a basis for identifying gaps in education and formation for ordinands and post graduate clergy.
  • The PMC is working with the Ministry Education Commission to map out how different components in the matrix are addressed, and identify gaps.

Anglican Church Southern Queensland Leadership Framework

The Parish Growth Framework