Grafton Ministry School and Licensed Lay Minister Conference 2019

Grafton Ministry School and Licensed Lay Minister Conference 2019

Missional Imagination: What is God calling us to be and to do in the 21st Century?

A changing and challenging world calls us to use imagination in our thinking and acting in mission. This Conference will prompt us to open ourselves to new ways of seeing, being, dreaming and doing in response to all God is calling us to do and be in the 21st Century.

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Session 1:
What is meta for? Freeing ideas from their containers

What stops us from thinking and acting creatively to fulfil the mission we are called to participate in? In this session we will set the scene and examine the metaphors, images and ideas we use that restrict our missional imagination.

Session 2: 
Stick your head out of the pond: Seeing ourselves more clearly

To be a church with missional imagination we need to be clear about who we are and what we are for. In this session we will dig deeply into our identity, values and structures to gain greater clarity about our reason for being.

Session 3:
What do the neighbours think? Understanding our community and context

Missional imagination requires us to know deeply the context and community we live within. In this session we will explore what it means to become students of culture and how it might shape our action in mission.

Session 4:
My car has a couch: Imagining a different future

Missional imagination comes to the fore when we begin to listen to God’s call and dream about the future. In this session we will explore how we can reimagine church, health, faith, sustainability and effectiveness. 

Session 5:
Throw away the hammer: How to create new ideas for mission

Missional imagination is important in shaping how we implement our vision. In this session we will explore some creative tools for new experiments in mission and ways to improve the strategies we have now.

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