The World Health Organisation recently characterised the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation as a pandemic. The pandemic is profoundly disrupting our everyday lives and the ministry of our Church communities and is likely to intensify before the situation begins to improve.

During this time, we encourage members of our Diocesan community to heed the COVID-19 advice regularly updated by state and Federal governments. We also encourage community members to stay connected through their local church’s communication channels, as well as via the below broader Anglican Church Southern Queensland (ACSQ) communication channels. This is especially important for those who are temporarily unable to attend church or other ministry activities.

Staying connected via newsletters and social media during the pandemic

Sunday Devotions and lectionary readings
Parishioners unable to attend church can access weekly Sunday Devotions. Each Sunday Devotion lists the day’s lectionary readings and provides a brief locally-written reflection based on the day’s readings. These weekly devotions are included in the ‘anglican focus e-news’ and ‘Wednesday Weekly’ and are also posted on ACSQ Facebook on the given Sunday morning.

Parishes are also invited to share these Sunday Devotions via email and on their own social media channels. Clergy and parish staff and social media administrators can receive a weekly Sunday Devotions reminder and updated link by emailing the anglican focus Editor, Michelle McDonald: [email protected].

anglican focus e-news’ and PDFs
anglican focus is our Diocesan community’s news site. Parishioners can stay up to date with parish, Episcopal, school, Anglicare, St Francis College and ministry news by subscribing to the fortnightly ‘anglican focus e-news’. The e-news is sent via email every second Wednesday afternoon.

For parishioners who have digital access or literacy concerns, a PDF of the previous fortnight’s written anglican focus content can be downloaded for printing at the bottom of the site’s home page, where it says ‘PDF Version Long’. This PDF link is updated on the same Wednesday that the e-news is sent.

‘Wednesday Weekly’ e-newsletter
‘Wednesday Weekly’ is a fortnightly publication of information and announcements for our Diocesan community. It is sent via email every second Wednesday, alternating with the ‘anglican focus e-news’. Parishioners and other ACSQ community members can subscribe to receive ‘Wednesday Weekly’.

Stay connected via social media
In addition to the above, your parish or ministry Facebook page can receive ACSQ news and Sunday Devotions updates in newsfeeds by ‘liking’ ACSQ Facebook. Your parishioners may also receive updates in their newsfeeds by ‘liking’ ACSQ Facebook.

We encourage members of our community to stay connected by commenting and chatting using church social media platform options.



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