The Parish Growth Framework

Building Block: Wellbeing

Strategic Goal: Use the Wellbeing Framework to identify needs, develop responses and monitor the wellbeing of clergy and their families, along with other parish staff.

Timeline of progress

  • A Clergy Wellbeing Development Group was established in 2019. 
  • The group determined a definition of wellbeing and identified five domains of wellbeing:
    • Health and energy
    • Relationship and connection
    • Material and financial resources
    • Agency and structures
    • Spirituality and vocation.
  • Curated resources are being developed for each of the five domains of wellbeing.
  • A wellbeing survey of clergy over the age of 65 was conducted in June 2020. The survey highlighted that, while this group of clergy generally feel valued and their wellbeing is good, there are certain areas that require attention.
  • In response to the wellbeing survey, a series of clergy wellbeing webinars was offered in 2020, 2021 and 2022. 
  • A group of clergy are currently piloting a ‘group coaching’ technique to help manage difficult or demanding people-related situations.
  • Communication about clergy wellbeing is increasing and becoming more intentional.
  • Progress has been made on investigating existing approaches to assist clergy with severe mental illness, as well as considering what support would be ideal.
  • In June 2022, training in mental health first aid was provided to Bishops, Archdeacons, and Area Deans, along with a few other stakeholders in key clergy support roles. This training allowed the group to test the suitability of the course for further rollout. It also provided early training to some of our senior clergy and key stakeholders to better equip them to respond to clergy mental health concerns and lead by example in encouraging others to be trained in this area.

The Parish Growth Framework