Advisors – faith nurture

Specialist advisors

Jonathan Sargeant

Director of Lay Education, St Francis College

07 3514 7442

“I care about faith formation, belonging, visioning, faith sharing and inclusion because they are central for churches as they seek to live and breathe Jesus.”
Qualifications and experience: YEA Dip, BTh, MMin, Dip Teach (prim), plus 35 years of ministry experience.

  • Defining faith formation
  • How faith grows
  • What is faith and how can you tell if its growing
  • Methods of faith formation
  • Exploring the Bible
  • Introducing the Prohets
  • Exploring the Gospels
  • Praying in Anglican ways
  • Understanding St Paul
  • Introduction to thinking theologically
  • How to do theological reflection
  • Exploring faith and popular culture
  • Using film and TV to grow faith