Specialist advisors

Jonathan Sargeant

Director of Lay Education, St Francis College

07 3514 7442

“I care about faith formation, belonging, visioning, faith sharing and inclusion because they are central for churches as they seek to live and breathe Jesus.”
Qualifications and experience: YEA Dip, BTh, MMin, Dip Teach (prim), plus 35 years of ministry experience.

  • Defining faith formation
  • How faith grows
  • What is faith and how can you tell if its growing
  • Methods of faith formation
  • Exploring the Bible
  • Introducing the Prophets
  • Exploring the Gospels
  • Praying in Anglican ways
  • Introduction to thinking theologically
  • How to do theological reflection
  • Exploring faith and popular culture
  • Using film and TV to grow faith
  • Understanding St Paul
  • Opening the circle to newcomers (and new ideas)
  • Why small groups matter
  • Training small group leaders
  • How growing your faith grows the whole church
  • Developing and defining a parish vision
  • Putting the parish vision into practice
  • What is faith and how can you tell if it’s growing?
  • Sharing faith without turning people off
  • Faith sharing for shy people
  • Talking about faith ideas peacefully
  • Being more inclusive
  • Auditing your parish for inclusion
  • Opening the circle to newcomers (and new ideas)
  • Training small group leaders to be inclusive

Bowen Miller

Family Support Minister, Robina Anglican Church

0419 887 193

“I believe engagement and community outreach are core aspects of the Church, and are central to faith development and to the church’s role in serving the wider community.”
Qualifications and experience: Dip. Youth and Community Work, Adv Dip. Family and General Counselling.

  • Government-funded service delivery
  • Aligning service delivery to funding outcomes and objectives
  • Building community partnerships
  • Counselling
  • Reporting, creating reports etc
  • Onboarding volunteers in policies and procedures e.g. safe ministry
  • Promoting missional opportunities to both the wider community and within the church.
  • Database changeover
  • Database implementation and use
  • Church IT systems 
  • Onboarding volunteers to missional opportunities
  • Counselling

Mary-Anne Rulfs

Associate Priest – Community Ministry, Robina Anglican Church

0403 049 124

“In my experience, church and school communities are meaningful for people when they feel they belong. A sense of belonging emerges when our story has a place and value, we feel at home and we have opportunities to share in Christ’s mission alongside others.”
Qualifications and experience: Master of Theology (Chaplaincy Studies) with a focus on connections between faith, belonging and community for people of different generations; 40 years of ministry experience (lay and ordained).

  • Strengthening the community’s shared identity and mission
  • Facilitating accessible communication for the whole community
  • Inviting people on the fringes to participate in their areas of interest
  • Providing opportunities for sharing stories and deepening friendships
  • Strengthening a culture of engagement through serving
  • Ensuring physical environment is welcoming
  • Reflecting Jesus’ pattern of connection through love
  • Actively offering opportunities for participation and serving
  • Prioritising a culture of warm hospitality and care
  • Welcoming and connecting newcomers
  • Appreciating and encouraging each person’s gifts
  • Hearing and valuing other’s stories
  • Fostering language that celebrates inclusion
  • Respecting all ages and stages of life and faith
  • Fostering a ‘wide-angle’ vision of the community