Conflict 2019

Community Seminar

Defusing Conflict in Everyday Relationships

27 July 2019
6.30–9.30 pm
The Space North Lakes, Cnr Endeavour Blvd and Lakefield Drive, North Lakes

Hear from Nathan McDonald from Resolution Education and be equipped with practical tools that can be applied to improve relationships and build effective communication skills. 

Our own health and happiness is affected by our relationships with loved ones, family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Maintaining peaceful, positive relationship with these people can be difficult, particularly when there are personality differences.

Topics include:

  • Understanding personality types, reading body language and tone of voice.
  • How to build effective communication skills.
  • Using open communication to defuse a potential argument.
  • Fight, flight or resolve — the different ways we deal with conflict (escalating, compromising, accommodating, avoiding and resolving.
  • Strategies to handle volatile situations calmly and confidently.
  • Acknowledging differences, listening to and seeking to understand others’ beliefs and opinions, even when we don’t share their views.
  • Coping with the different emotions you feel as the conflict is taking place.
  • Restoring relationships after conflict.
Cost: $20 (includes sausage sizzle)